3D Printing as Art Therapy.

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Author: Dawn A. Lissy
Date: Sept-Oct 2021
From: Medical Product Outsourcing(Vol. 19, Issue 7)
Publisher: Rodman Publishing
Document Type: Article
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He was a joyful guy in a ball cap sitting next to me on a bus ride to an unknown destination. We were on the annual surprise outing at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) meeting in Orlando, and we struck up a conversation about my hometown of Cleveland. Turns out he's also a Browns fan, so we were instant friends.

I had no idea I was seated next to a conference speaker who would become the talk of AMUG. But when John Sorvillo took the stage the next day to express his thanks for winning the Randy Stevens Scholarship to attend, he struck a powerful emotional chord with people listening. He shared his passion for his work as a director of Westwood Preparatory Academy, a system of schools in residential treatment centers for juvenile offenders in Ohio and Pennsylvania. It's a place for young people who either aren't safe for their home environment, or unsafe in it.

"We try not to read too much of their files because we want to know the students, not their offenses. They're there for heavy duty treatment. They're still young. There's still a chance to get them on a good path," Sorvillo said. "[On stage] I kind of detailed my journey and how my passion for working with these kids comes from the fact that I am one of these kids. I'm a survivor of sexual abuse."

It was the first time he'd publicly shared the roots of his commitment to the kids who attend his schools.

"I know their trauma, I know their pain, I know what they're going through," he said. "When I got up on stage, it was probably the hardest thing I've done. The support I've received has been absolutely life-changing. I want to pay that forward."

He received a standing ovation and dozens of outstretched hands from people wanting to find a...

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