Studies on chemo- and diastereo-selectivity of the Diels-Alder reactions of sulfinyltoluquinones with cyclopentadiene

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From: Canadian Journal of Chemistry(Vol. 87, Issue 8)
Publisher: NRC Research Press
Document Type: Report
Length: 6,723 words

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Sulfinyltoluquinones (2a-2c) were submitted to thermal or catalyzed [4+2] cycloaddition reactions with cyclopentadiene. For p-tolylsulfmyltoluquinones (2b) and (2c), almost complete C2-C3-chemo- and unlike-diastereoselectivity was achieved by catalysis with ZnBr2, yielding adducts 6. Under thermal conditions, Diels-Alder reaction took place at the C5-C6 double bonds of quinones 2a-2c, generating mixtures of diastereoisomeric like- and unlike-adducts 4. Key words: Diels-Alder reaction, sulfinyltoluquinones, sulfinyl group, stereochemical control, Ti-facial selectivity. On a soumis les sulfinyltoluquinones (2a-2c) a des reactions de cycloaddition thermiques ou catalysees avec le cyclopentadiene. Avec le ZnBr2 comme catalyseur, les p-tolylsulfmyltoluquinones (2b) et (2c) conduisent a 1a formation des adduits 6 et al diastereoselectivite chimique et dissemblable au niveau de 1a liaison C2-C3 est pratiquement complete. Dans des conditions thermiques, 1a reaction de Diels-Alder se produit au niveau des doubles liaisons C5-C6 des quinones 2a-2c qui conduit a 1a formation d'adduits 4 sous 1a forme de melanges diastereomeres semblables et dissemblables. Mots-cles : reaction de Diels-Alder, sulfinyltoluquinones, groupe sulfinyle, controle stereochimique, selectivite de 1a face n. [Traduit par 1a Redaction]

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