An Inner Product Encryption Scheme Based on Dual Systems

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Authors: Duo Wei and Haiying Gao
Date: Apr. 2019
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report
Length: 218 words

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Byline: Duo Wei (1), Haiying Gao (1) Keywords: prime-order dual system groups; inner product encryption; k-Lin assumption; adaptively secure; TN 918.1 Abstract: The inner product encryption scheme can achieve fine- grained access control on ciphertext. For the problem that the existing inner product encryption scheme has poor security and low decryption efficiency, this paper proposes an inner product encryption scheme with adaptive security based on the dual system encryption method. The scheme is based on bilinear mapping on prime order groups. In the secret key generation algorithm of the scheme, we propose a sharing technique of random vectors and generate a secret key for each component of the attribute vector. And an encryption algorithm with a constant size ciphertext is designed. Under the k-Lin assumption, the method of the experimental sequence is used to prove that the scheme is adaptively secure. The decryption algorithm of the scheme requires only six bilinear pairs. Compared with the existing schemes, the decryption efficiency has been greatly improved. Author Affiliation: (1) 0000 0001 0089 5666, grid.495488.c, Graduate School, Zhengzhou Information Science and Technology Institute, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, China Article History: Registration Date: 19/03/2019 Received Date: 15/09/2018 Online Date: 20/03/2019 Article note: Foundation item: Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(61702548) and the Fundamental and Frontier Technology Research of Henan Province(162300410192)

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