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Author: Sandra Terneus
Date: Summer 2021
From: College Student Journal(Vol. 55, Issue 2)
Publisher: Project Innovation Austin LLC
Document Type: Report
Length: 6,858 words
Lexile Measure: 1440L

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Abstract :

There have been numerous studies on the dating behaviors of college students, notably, hookups during the past decade. Hookups are associated with fraternity and sorority parties in which two individuals "hook up" and have a sexual encounter with no strings attached. This article is based on inquiry if the practice of hookups was still popular and prominent. Two focus groups (N = 50) and an investigative study of undergraduate students (N = 58) were collected over three independent semesters. The results indicated that hookups and its associated at-risk behaviors such as alcohol abuse or coercion were not supported or promoted, but rather, this sample of college students actively engaged in roles of chaperones and instilled the etiquette of chivalry. Details of the results of the focus group and survey indicated identification with religion and incorporating religious practices into daily living, low levels of depressive symptoms but higher levels of anxiety and stress tendencies. Suggestions for further research is provided. Keywords: college students, relationship, hookup

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