The spring 2021 issue of Baptist History and Heritage contains four articles that examine Baptists in four different centuries.

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Author: Joe Coker
Date: Spring 2021
From: Baptist History and Heritage(Vol. 56, Issue 1)
Publisher: Baptist History and Heritage Society
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,012 words
Lexile Measure: 1550L

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While not intended to focus upon a shared theme, this quartet of unique stories is nevertheless tied together by their attention to controversial happenings in Baptist life. Our first two articles focus on unusual and regrettable vignettes from our Baptist past that serve to illuminate our understanding of how Baptists in earlier times struggled in dealing with "the other." The final two articles look at changes and challenges growing out of the resurgence of fundamentalism within Southern Baptist life.

First, Stephen Kent takes us back to an early and stormy era in the life of English Baptists: the mid-seventeenth century. Thomas Tillam, a Baptist minister in northern England during the tumultuous Interregnum period, became embroiled in a convoluted and much-publicized controversy involving a Jesuit who moved to England posing as a Jew interested in converting to Christianity. The "Counterfeit Jew," as he was called at the time, ended up being baptized into Tillam's church, and Kent explores the fallout for Tillam and Northumberland Baptists when the imposter was eventually exposed. A fascinating subplot in the story is the role played by Tillam's millennialist eschatology in his dealings with the undercover Jesuit, and the episode also reveals the tensions between Baptists and other nonconformists in this turbulent era.

Moving to the nineteenth century, Mikeal Parsons' research on Baylor University president Rufus Burleson exposes a deeply unfortunate yet also profoundly important story of Antonia Texiera, a young Baylor student from Brazil. The daughter of the first indigenous Brazilian Baptist minister, Antonia came to America to...

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