Allocation of multi-dimensional distance learning resource based on MOOC data.

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Author: Yan Liang
Date: Mar. 24, 2022
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 134 words

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Abstract :

In order to overcome the problems of allocation balance and low allocation efficiency in traditional distance teaching resource allocation methods, the paper proposes a multi-dimensional distance learning resource allocation method based on MOOC data. This method establishes a network model of MOOC resources, analyses the structure of the MOOC remote teaching platform, and collects MOOC data and learning resource information in layers on the basis of the model. Based on the data collection results, clustering of data resources can be achieved from multiple dimensions. Finally, by calculating the allocation of learning resources, a balanced allocation of multi-dimensional distance learning resources is achieved. Experimental results show that, compared with the traditional learning resource allocation method, the proposed method has a maximum allocation balance of 93% and a resource allocation efficiency of 96.2%. Byline: Yan Liang

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