Notes on Mexican Woodnymph (Eupherusa ridgwayi) Behavior and Nesting in Central-western Mexico.

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From: The American Midland Naturalist(Vol. 187, Issue 2)
Publisher: University of Notre Dame, Department of Biological Sciences
Document Type: Article
Length: 4,567 words
Lexile Measure: 1240L

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The Mexican Woodnymph (Eupherusa ridgwayi) is endemic to west-central Mexico with a narrow distribution range and relatively small population size. The species nest, nesting activities and nestling's characteristics were unknown until now. We generated a map of this species using data from BirdLife International, the Global Biodiversity Information Fund database, e-Bird, and the Naturalista. We used the Mexican Woodnymph records in Jalisco and projected them on a vegetation map. We documented a female constructing a nest, later nesting, until the nestlings flew out of the nest in the cloud forest in central-western Mexico: Jalisco state. The nest site was characterized and the materials used for the nest construction were determined. In addition, we documented several observations made on territorial and foraging behavior.

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