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Author: Kirsten Patrick
Date: May 24, 2022
From: CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal(Vol. 194, Issue 20)
Publisher: CMA Impact Inc.
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 1,069 words
Lexile Measure: 1770L

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This is my first editorial as editor-in-chief, after serving for almost a year as interim in the role. As the first woman editor-in-chief in the CMAJ's 111-year history, although not the first to be tapped to steer the journal in an interim capacity, I represent change. In 2022, under-resourced and inadequate health systems in Canada face the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, alongside a worsening health workforce crisis and increasing health effects of global and local social determinants of health that worsen existing inequities. How can CMAJ be part of addressing these challenges? How can the journal help facilitate much needed change?

My vision for CMAJ during my tenure as editor-in-chief is informed by my extensive experience working as a medical editor; my varied experience as a clinician, a researcher, an immigrant, and a patient in 3 very different health systems; and my understanding that collaborative, open-minded and kind leadership is what is needed now to address the serious threats to health that we face globally and in Canada.

My main priority during my tenure will be to work to tackle inequities, both at CMAJ itself and within Canada's health systems, through what is published in the journal. In 1911, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) launched this journal, declaring it "a medium for the expression of all that is good in Canadian Medicine." (1) Although CMAJ has published much that has been worthy of praise, (2) it has also largely reflected a patriarchal, colonialist medical culture and often failed to publish on some important national health problems in a timely fashion. For example, CMAJ did not mention the residential...

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