Workplace ergonomics

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Date: July-August 2013
Publisher: American Chiropractic Association Inc.
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Since ancient times, people have known that movement is essential to life. Today, a typical office worker sits hunched over a keyboard for eight hours a day and seldom stands up. When the requirements of a job do not match a worker's physical attributes, injury and loss of productivity are likely.

Workplace injuries, a common cause of time off, cost employers and employees billions of dollars every year. Some of the more common workplace injuries are carpal tunnel syndrome (a nerve entrapment at the wrist seen in computer users), low-back pain, tendinitis, bursitis, and neck pain or headaches.

What causes workplace injuries? Many workplace injuries are repetitive-stress injuries or cumulative-trauma disorders. These injuries occur when abnormal stresses are repeatedly placed on normal joints by poor posture or poor joint position during the performance of a task.

Many of these stresses are caused by poor workstation design and/or repetitive task performance. In addition, poor posture at the workstation can be detrimental. For example, prolonged use of a computer or a mouse,...

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