Multiobjective Intelligent Cooperative Design for the Multilayer Interference Fit

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Date: Oct. 31, 2019
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Document Type: Article
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Interference fit has extensively been applied in different mechanical fields due to its advantages such as compactness and high rigidity. With the actual needs of engineering, the multilayer interference fit has also been widely used. It is significant for the design and manufacture of multilayer interference fit to consider stress concentration problem and achieve multiobjective and multivariable collaborative optimization in the optimization algorithm. To achieve this goal, the mechanical model and reliability mathematical model of the multilayer interference fit are established. Giving an evaluation method of reliability, the recommended range of interference amount is obtained. Considering the lightweight design and stress concentration problems, a multiobjective intelligent cooperative design (MOICD) method for the multilayer interference fit is proposed, and multiparameter analysis is done. Taking the typical wind turbine's shrink disk of three-layer interference fit structure as an application example, the key design parameters of the shrink disk are determined, and its sample data are obtained using the orthogonal experimental method. Considering yield strength, torque, and mass, the approximate mathematical model of response surface using the Kriging algorithm is given. Nondominated sorting genetic algorithm-II (NSGA-II) is selected as the optimal algorithm to realize MOICD of the shrink disk. Numerical analysis and analytical calculation proved that the optimization index of the MOICD method is improved compared with the traditional method. The sample is tested on a specific test bench, and the test results meet the design requirements, which verifies the feasibility of MOICD.

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