The evaluation method for English MOOC quality based on grounded theory.

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Authors: Sujuan Ren and Bin Yu
Date: Mar. 24, 2022
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 153 words

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In order to overcome the poor rationality of the weight distribution of the existing English MOOC quality evaluation indicators, a grounded theory-based method of English MOOC quality evaluation is proposed. This method constructs the evaluation framework of English MOOC quality and determines the overall goal of teaching. Based on the selected MOOC quality evaluation indexes, the weight value of each evaluation index is determined by AHP, and the comprehensive evaluation indexes of each level are evaluated by fuzzy algorithm. The evaluation results of English MOOC quality are obtained by integration and calculation. The evaluation of English MOOC quality based on grounded theory is realised price. The experimental results show that the maximum value of the weight distribution of the proposed MOOC quality evaluation method can reach 29.45, and the quality evaluation result U = 90, which shows that the quality effect is excellent and has better evaluation effect. Byline: Sujuan Ren, Bin Yu

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