Identifying potential regulators of JAGGED1 expression in portal mesenchymal cells.

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From: BMC Research Notes(Vol. 15, Issue 1)
Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd.
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Objective Portal mesenchymal cells induce the epithelial differentiation of the bile ducts in the developing liver via one of the Delta-Notch signaling components, JAGGED1. Although this differential induction is crucial for normal liver physiology as its genetic disorder (Alagille syndrome) causes jaundice, the molecular mechanism behind JAGGED1 expression remains unknown. Here, we searched for upstream regulatory transcription factors of JAGGED1 using an integrated bioinformatics method. Results According to the DoRothEA database, which integrates multiple lines of evidence on the relationship between transcription factors and their downstream target genes, three transcription factors were predicted to be upstream of JAGGED1: SLUG, SOX2, and EGR1. Among these, SLUG and EGR1 were enriched in ACTA2-expressing portal mesenchymal cells in two previously reported human fetal liver single-cell RNA-seq datasets. JAGGED1-expressing portal mesenchymal cells tended to express SLUG rather than EGR1, supporting that SLUG induced JAGGED1 expression. Together with the higher confidentiality of SLUG (DoRothEA level A) over EGR1 (DoRothEA level D), we concluded that SLUG was one of the most important candidate transcription factors upstream of JAGGED1. These results add mechanistic insights into the developmental biology of how portal mesenchymal cells support biliary development in the liver. Keywords: Delta-Notch signaling pathway, DoRothEA, EGR1, Intrahepatic biliary development, Regulon evaluations, SLUG, Single-cell RNA-seq, Smooth muscle actin, SOX2, Transcription factors

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