Count your blessings

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Date: Mar. 2012
From: The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin(Vol. 81, Issue 3)
Publisher: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Document Type: Article
Length: 649 words
Lexile Measure: 1200L

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Law enforcement executives constantly seek ways of improving their motivational skills and helping those they lead to appreciate the profession of policing and serving the public. At first glance, this task does not appear difficult. After all, a career in law enforcement offers many positives. Officers gain a sense of purpose and an opportunity to protect and serve the general public, often as the last line of defense against criminal and terrorist elements. In addition, they have the ability to earn an honest living, as well as a retirement pension.

However, as with many things in life, motivating and inspiring the rank and file of policing is not as easy as it would seem. Without a doubt, the everyday pressures of being on the job and dealing with people who commit their lives to dishonest endeavors and criminal intent can have a negative effect on the outlook and motivation of even the most optimistic among us.

Yet, every once in a while,...

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