Affective commitment through further training: the roles of firm provision and employee participation.

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Date: May 2022
From: Review of Managerial Science(Vol. 16, Issue 4)
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report; Brief article
Length: 198 words

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Keywords: Commitment; Further training; Signalling; Linked employer-employee data Abstract This study investigates the relation of further training and employees' affective commitment by disentangling the relevance of a firm's general support for further training and the individual's actual participation. Using linked employer-employee data, we consider both the firm's and the individual's perspective and control for several HR instruments additionally to the usual demographics and job characteristics. We also distinguish between subgroups of employees regarding age and schooling. Results show that employees' participation in further training and a firm's support for further training are both positively related to affective commitment. Furthermore, our results hint for differences in employees' expectations regarding the amount of the firm's support for further training. Whereas there is no meaningful relation of the general firm's support for further training to commitment of university graduates, participation in further training measures and the individuals' perceived support for personnel development is particularly relevant for this group of employees. Author Affiliation: (1) School of Business and Economics, Chair of Human Resource Management and Personnel Economics, RWTH Aachen University, Templergraben 64, 52056, Aachen, Germany (a) Article History: Registration Date: 03/05/2021 Received Date: 07/18/2019 Accepted Date: 03/05/2021 Online Date: 06/22/2021 Byline:

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