Giving back: the secret of creating success

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Author: Lynn Lannon
Date: Apr. 1990
From: Training & Development Journal(Vol. 44, Issue 4)
Publisher: Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,607 words

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Success in the 21st century viewed in the context of personal and professional growth and development, will integrate work with all other aspects of life, be defined by the process as well as an end, and include the sharing the products of that success with others. Achieving success in the 21 century will require creating an environment for success in the 1990s. The three critical stages in creating an environment for success are: identifying personal weaknesses and strengths; objectively assessing the overall status of personal goals and the degree of success in meeting them; and taking the action necessary to achieve the goals. Techniques for taking action include: the elimination of old goals that are no longer valid; initiating important decisions that affect success, instead of reacting to standards set by others; and sharing the products of personal success by means such as community service or charitable donations.

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