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Date: Mar. 2012
From: The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin(Vol. 81, Issue 3)
Publisher: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,306 words
Lexile Measure: 980L

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Over 34 years ago, I made a critical choice in my life. I chose a profession in law enforcement. It is a choice that I did not take lightly. It also is a choice that I have not regretted one single day of my career. I have been lucky enough to rise through the ranks and have been honored to work for and with extraordinary groups of people. I have been blessed with many years of satisfaction in a lifelong commitment to public service. I would like to share some tidbits of advice for you that I have learned over these years of service.

Throughout these years, 1 have seen great joy, deep sorrow, and every imaginable emotion in between. 1 have saved the lives of gunshot victims and people crushed in vehicle crashes. I have had the satisfaction of arresting many people who were just plain evil.

However, these encounters have been offset by the many more wonderful members of our society whom I have met. I have had to deliver the difficult message to family members that a loved one was killed. I also have delivered the message of life. I have searched for hours for a lost child and have searched for years for the answer as to why bad things happen to good people. 1 have done my best to be the best, and, hopefully, along the way, 1 have made a difference in this world.

While I always have taken this job seriously, I have been smart enough to not take myself too seriously. Laughter is extremely important in life. Enjoy it. Do not let frustrations of the job come home with you.

You will meet many people in your career. While safety always should be priority one, not everyone is out to hurt you. There are many people who like and respect the police. Remember to treat people as you would want your wife, mother, son, or daughter treated by...

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