When does the roads of a priest, the "Sun King" Louis XIV of France, beauties of ancient Egypt, and Moliere intersect? An alternative overview to the history of science of medicine / Bir rahip, "Gunes Kral" XIV. Louis, antik Misir guzelleri ve Moliere'in yollari ne zaman kesisir? Tip biliminin tarihine alternatif bir bakis

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Author: Tamer Akca
Date: Dec. 2011
From: Turkish Journal of Urology(Vol. 37, Issue 4)
Publisher: AVES
Document Type: Article
Length: 2,261 words
Lexile Measure: 1320L

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In this study, the story of a part of significant inventions of medical devices and treatments, which abandoned to be forgotten between the dusty pages of history will be narrated. Key words: History of medicine; medical inventions; physician. Bu calismada tarihin tozlu sayfalari arasinda unutulmaya terkedilmis onemli tibbi cihaz ve tedavi buluslarindan bir kisminin hikayesi anlatilacaktir. Anahtar sozcukler: Hekim; tibbi bulus; tip tarihi.

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