A Method for Time-Series Location Data Publication Based on Differential Privacy

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Date: Apr. 2019
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report
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Byline: Haiyan Kang (1,2), Shuxuan Zhang (2), Qianqian Jia (1) Keywords: sequential location data publishing; region of interest; location search tree; differential privacy; TP 309 Abstract: In the age of information sharing, logistics information sharing also faces the risk of privacy leakage. In regard to the privacy leakage of time-series location information in the field of logistics, this paper proposes a method based on differential privacy for time-series location data publication. Firstly, it constructs public region of interest (PROI) related to time by using clustering optimal algorithm. And it adopts the method of the centroid point to ensure the public interest point (PIP) representing the location of the public interest zone. Secondly, according to the PIP, we can construct location search tree (LST) that is a commonly used index structure of spatial data, in order to ensure the inherent relation among location data. Thirdly, we add Laplace noise to the node of LST, which means fewer times to add Laplace noise on the original data set and ensures the data availability. Finally, experiments show that this method not only ensures the security of sequential location data publishing, but also has better data availability than the general differential privacy method, which achieves a good balance between the security and availability of data. Author Affiliation: (1) grid.443248.d, Department of Information Security, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, Beijing, 100192, China (2) grid.443248.d, Computer School, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, Beijing, 100192, China Article History: Registration Date: 19/03/2019 Received Date: 11/09/2018 Online Date: 20/03/2019 Article note: Foundation item: Supported by the Social Science Foundation of Beijing (15JGB099, 15ZHA004), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61370139), and "Information +" Special Fund( 5111823610)

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