A case study in discourse analysis of "community arts" in cultural policy and the press

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Date: Dec. 2011
Publisher: Purdue University Press
Document Type: Case study
Length: 6,049 words
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In their article "A Case Study in Discourse Analysis of 'Community Arts' in Cultural Policy and the Press" An De bisschop, Kris Rutten, and Ronald Soetaert explore theoretical and applied aspects of the phenomenon of community arts. Community arts in Flanders have developed into a professional practice during the past few years and have received increased recognition from policy makers, scholars, and critics. This attention has caused a growing need to define the nature of a practice diverse in form, goal, and process. De bisschop, Rutten, and Soetaert discuss the problematics of community arts projects in comparative discourse analysis in order to interpret "situated" meanings in the practice of community arts, thereby shifting the question from "what is community arts?" to "how is meaning constructed about the notion and practice of community arts?" In doing so, they compare two geographical contexts (Flanders, Belgium and the Western Cape, South Africa) and two institutional contexts (cultural policy and the press).

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