A Mandarin Chinese Reading Passage for Eliciting Significant Vocal Range Variations.

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Date: Apr. 2021
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Document Type: Report
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Purpose: There is a lack of standardized Mandarin reading text material that could potentially elicit significant variations in fundamental frequency (F0) and in vocal intensity for clinical voice evaluation. In this study, a phonetically balanced "Three Bears Passage" was developed based on the classical "Goldilocks" story for this purpose. The hypothesis was that the vocal range (F0 range and Intensity range) elicited while reading aloud the passage could be similar to that of the voice range profile (VRP) obtained with sustained vowel production and significantly different from that while reading an existing standard Mandarin passage. Method: One hundred twenty young adults (60 men and 60 women, aged 25.22 [+ or -] 3.74 years) without vocal pathologies and vocal training participated in the study. Vocal range data, including F0-related measures and intensity-related measures, were obtained with Praat in order to construct VRPs for the sustained /a/ and to construct speech range profiles for passage reading. Results: F0 range and intensity range for the new passage were significantly larger than those for the existing Mandarin passage for both male and female participants. In particular, the F0 range for the passage was not significantly different from that of the VRP for male participants. Conclusions: These findings suggested that the new passage could allow individuals without vocal training to demonstrate a large vocal range in both F0 and vocal intensity, in a passage reading setting in a relatively short time. Further studies should be pursued with the passage to investigate the vocal range and vocal potential of individuals with voice disorders.

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