LitR directly upregulates autoinducer synthesis and luminescence in Aliivibrio logei.

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LitR is a master-regulator of transcription in the ainS/R and luxS/PQ quorum sensing (QS) systems of bacteria from Vibrio and Aliivibrio genera. Here, we for the first time directly investigated the influence of LitR on gene expression in the luxI/R QS system of psychrophilic bacteria Aliivibrio logei. Investigated promoters were fused with Photorhabdus luminescens luxCDABE reporter genes cassette in a heterological system of Escherichia coli cells, litR A. logei was introduced into the cells under control of P.sub.lac promoter. LitR has been shown to upregulate genes of autoinducer synthase (luxI), luciferase and reductase (luxCDABE), and this effect doesn't depend on presence of luxR gene. To a much lesser degree, LitR induces luxR1, but not the luxR2 - the main luxI/R regulator. Enhanced litR expression leads to an increase in a LuxI-autoinducer synthesis and a subsequent LuxR-mediated activation of the luxI/R QS system. Effect of LitR on luxI transcription depends on lux-box sequence in luxI promoter even in absence of luxR (lux-box is binding site of LuxR). The last finding indicates a direct interaction of LitR with the promoter in the lux-box region. Investigation of the effect of LitR A. logei on luxI/R QS systems of mesophilic Aliivibrio fischeri and psychrophilic Aliivibrio salmonicida showed direct luxR-independent upregulation of luxI and luxCDABE genes. To a lesser degree, it induces luxR A. fischeri and luxR1 A. salmonicida. Therefore, we assume that the main role of LitR in cross-interaction of these three QS systems is stimulating the expression of luxI.

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