The Geopolitics of the North African Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges.

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Date: Mar. 2022
Publisher: Bridgewater State College
Document Type: Report
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The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus in January 2020 took the world by surprise. Initial state-response was mired by confusion, uncertainty, apprehension, and near demoralization. However, several countries around the world, including some Middle Eastern and North Africa countries (MENA) took the challenge seriously in the early stages and set an example to be emulated globally. The objective of this article is to examine the response of the North African countries to the pandemic, examine the opportunities and the challenges facing the region, and add up the lessons learned in order to be better prepared for impending crises facing the nation-state, the region at large, and the international community. This survey article seeks to highlight the common denominators whenever possible and examine country-specific conditions that determine the success or the failure in dealing with the Corona Crisis in Middle East and North Africa. Keywords: Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Geopolitics, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Regional Rivalry, International rivalry, The war in Libya, Western Sahara, Economic contraction, Growth

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