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Author: Elisa M. Martin
Date: Summer 2021
From: College Student Journal(Vol. 55, Issue 2)
Publisher: Project Innovation Austin LLC
Document Type: Report
Length: 4,964 words
Lexile Measure: 1350L

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Abstract :

Research shows that college students are increasingly stressed and ill equipped to manage the rigors of higher education. This article adds the student voice to the discussion of college student stress and wellness and asks the question: How do students' understanding, and practice of self-care evolve through an online course focused on professional self-care? A content analysis of the final presentation of a one-credit online self-care class was conducted. Results show that students come to the class with limited knowledge about stress management (i.e. self-care) practices, and over the course of seven weeks learn how to incorporate self-care into their daily lives and feel better for it. Students benefit by having a structured environment to learn about and practice self-care. Key Works: College Students, Stress, Well-being, Self-Care, Success, Retention

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