The idea minister of health: should mainstream public health. (Editorials: Health Minister)

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Author: M.L. Barreto
Date: Dec. 2002
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 636 words

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After more than two decades of dictatorial government, Brazil began a new democratic era in 1985. The new constitution, elaborated and promulgated in 1988, stated that "health is an universal right and a State obligation guaranteed by social and economic policies aimed at reducing the risk of diseases and other ill-related events and by universal and egualitarian access to a health care system oriented towards health promotion, protection and recovery", (Federal Constitution of Brazil, Article 196, 1988). Following this, Article 3 of Law 8080 enacted in 1990, stated that "food, housing, sanitation, the environment, work, income, education, transportation, leisure and the access to essential goods and services are all important health determinants; therefore, health status reflects the social and economic organization of the country".

These legal documents incorporated the rationale used by national and international public health movements to understand and elaborate global strategies for achieving good standards of health. On these grounds, we expected that the ministry of...

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