Stakeholder Insights from Zika Virus Infections in Houston, Texas, USA, 2016-2017.

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From: Emerging Infectious Diseases(Vol. 24, Issue 11)
Publisher: U.S. National Center for Infectious Diseases
Document Type: Article
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Responding to Zika virus infections in Houston, Texas, USA, presented numerous challenges across the health system. As the nation's fourth-largest city, in a subtropical region with high travel volume to Latin America and the Caribbean, Houston was an ideal location for studying experiences encountered by clinicians and public health officials as they responded to the Zika virus crisis. To identify the challenges encountered in the response and to explore strategies to improve future responses to emerging infectious diseases, we interviewed 38 key stakeholders who were clinical, scientific, operational, and public health leaders. From the responses, we identified 4 key challenges: testing, travel screening, patient demographics and immigration status, and insufficient collaboration (between public health officials and clinicians and among clinical providers). We also identified 5 strategic areas as potential solutions: improved electronic health record support, specialty centers and referral systems, standardized forms, centralized testing databases, and joint academic/public health task forces.

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