A bibliography of modern Scandinavian literature: (excluding H.C. Andersen) in English translation, 1533 to 1900, and listed by translator

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Author: Robert E. Bjork
Date: Spring 2005
From: Scandinavian Studies(Vol. 77, Issue 1)
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Document Type: Bibliography
Length: 11,980 words

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THIS BIBLIOGRAPHY results from research conducted for the chapter on "Modern Scandinavian Literature" in Kenneth Haynes and Peter France, eds., The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English, vol. 4 [1790-1900] (Oxford: Oxford UP, forthcoming.) Because the Oxford history is unique in its focusing on translators, this bibliography is as well. It presents what is hoped is an exhaustive account of the work of translators from all the Scandinavian languages and Finnish into English during the period and excludes only translations of Hans Christian Andersen, which limitations of space prohibit me from including. Most translations of Andersen are anonymous, but the prominent named translators begin with Mary Botham Howitt, who produced the first English translation of an Andersen book in 1845 (The Improvisatore; or, Life in Italy). Other significant translators from the remaining thirty-three are Charles Beckwith-Lohmeyer, Charles Boner, Mrs. Anne S. Bushby, Henry William Dulcken, Mrs. Henry B. Paull, Caroline Peachey, and Augusta Plesner and Henry Ward. (1) For a complete list of Andersen's works in English in the nineteenth century, see Elias Bredsdorff, Danish Literature in English Translation with a Special Hans Christian Andersen Supplement: A Bibliography (Copenhagen: Ejnar Munksgaard, 1950).

All entries in the present bibliography are by translator followed by year of publication, title, source-language author (in brackets), place of publication, and publisher. Besides standard literary histories, biographies, critical works, and online resources such as WorldCat and the catalogues of such major libraries as the British Library and Library of Congress, the following bibliographical tools were consulted: Hilkka Aaltonen, Books in English on Finland: A Bibliographical List of Publications Concerning Finland until 1960, Including Finnish Literature in English Translation. Publications of Turku University Library 8 (Turku, 1964); Nils Afzelius, Books in English on Sweden: A Bibliographical List, 3rd edn. (Stockholm: The Swedish Institute, 1951); Adolph B. Benson, "A List of English Translations of the Frithiofs Saga. A Retrospect at the Centenary," Germanic Review, 1 (1926), 14-2-67; Elias Bredsdorff, Danish Literature in English Translation with a Special Hans Christian Andersen Supplement: A Bibliography (Copenhagen: Ejnar Munksgaard, 1950); Michael Collie and Angus Fraser, George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study (Westminster, Hampshire: St. Paul's Bibliographies, 1984); Ingebrit Grondahl and Ola Raknes, "List of English Translations" in Chapters in Norwegian Literature (1923; repr. Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries P), pp. 297-304; Erling Gronland, Norway in English: Books on Norway and by Norwegians in English 1936-1959: A Bibliography Including a Survey of Norwegian Literature in English Translation from 1742 to 1959 (Oslo: Norwegian UP, 1961); P.M. Mitchell and Kenneth H. Ober, Bibliography of Modern Icelandic Literature in Translation, Including Works Written by Icelanders in Other Languages (Ithaca and London: Cornell UP, 1975); and Thorvald Solberg, "Bibliography of Scandinavia. A Catalogue of the Important Books in the English Language, Relating to the Scandinavian Countries" in Fredrik Winkel Horn, History of the Literature of the Scandinavian North from the Most Ancient Times to the Present, trans., by Rasmus B. Anderson (1884; repr. New York: Krause Reprint Co., 1971).


Anonymous (1742, 1746, 1749, 1755)....

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