Big Blue boundaries

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Author: Philip Hunter
Date: Oct. 8, 1990
From: InformationWeek(Issue 290)
Publisher: UBM LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 119 words

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IBM is strategically attempting to improve on its 40 percent share of the large-scale systems market in Europe in preparation for European economic integration in 1992. The company is cutting staff in order to become more responsive to customers; however, European users still feel that IBM is too fettered by boundaries between operating subsidiaries. In addition, the company is having problems meeting multinational users' needs for one-stop service and shopping. In response, IBM is offering commissions to sales staff when they make sales in a different national subsidiary. IBM is also putting individual national subsidiaries in charge of individual product sets in order to shorten the life cycle of a product, making the company more reactive to market demand.

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