Improved Spatial Registration Algorithm for Sensors on Multiple Mobile Platforms.

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Date: Oct. 2022
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report; Brief article
Length: 206 words

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Keywords: spatial registration; 3D sensors; improved online maximum likelihood registration (IMLR) Abstract This paper focuses on the spatial registration algorithm under the earth-center earth-fixed (ECEF) coordinate system for multiple mobile platforms. The sensor measurement biases are discussed with the attitude information of the platform into consideration. First, the biased measurement model is constructed. Besides, the maximum likelihood registration (MLR) algorithm is discussed to simultaneously estimate the measurement biases and the target state. Finally, an improved online MLR (IMLR) algorithm is proposed through a sliding window of adaptive size. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed IMLR algorithm effectively improves the realtime ability of the system and can approach similar estimation accuracy to the conventional MLR algorithm. Author Affiliation: (1) Department of Automation Key Laboratory of System Control and Information Processing of Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Marine Intelligent Equipment and System of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200240, Shanghai, China (2) Shanghai Aerospace Electronic Technology Institute, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, 201109, Shanghai, China (3) Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd., 311121, Hangzhou, China (d) Article History: Registration Date: 06/21/2022 Received Date: 11/12/2020 Accepted Date: 04/27/2021 Online Date: 06/25/2022 Byline: Runyan Lü (1), Na Peng (2), Yi Wu (3), Yunze Cai (corresponding author) (1, d)

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