Ontogenetic melanism in three populations of red-eared slider turtles (Trachemys scripta) in Oklahoma

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Date: Mar. 2009
From: Southwestern Naturalist(Vol. 54, Issue 1)
Publisher: Southwestern Association of Naturalists
Document Type: Report
Length: 1,975 words
Lexile Measure: 1350L

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We compared incidence and average size of melanistic, adult male Trachemys scripta among three populations in Oklahoma. Proportion and size of melanistic males differed among two uncontaminated sites and one site contaminated with heavy metals. Average size of melanistic animals collected from one locality were larger than melanistic animals collected at the same locality 50 years ago; however, minimum size of melanistic males at all sites was consistent with published values for populations of T. scripta throughout its range. The proportion of melanistic males among the three sites differed significantly and the smallest proportion of melanistic males was in a population of T. scripta from Tar Creek Superfund Site, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma, an area contaminated with heavy metals. Comparamos la incidencia y tamano promedio en machos adultos melanizados de tres poblaciones en Oklahoma de Trachemys scripta. La proporcion de melanismo y el tamano de los machos melanizados variaron entre dos localidades no contaminadas y una contaminada con metales pesados. El tamano promedio de los animales melanizados que se colectaron de una localidad fue mayor al de ejemplares colectados en la misma localidad hace 50 anos; sin embargo, el tamano minimo de los machos melanizados en todos los sitios fue consistente con tamanos publicados para T. scripta a lo largo de su distribucion geografica. La proporcion de machos melanizados difirio significan temente entre los tres sitios, y la menor proporcion de melanismo en los machos se encontro en una poblacion de T. scripta del Tar Creek Superfund Site, un area contaminada con metales pesados.

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