Robust water-repellent surfaces from nanotextures

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Author: Antonio Checco
Date: Nov. 2013
From: Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology(Vol. 26, Issue 11)
Publisher: Frost & Sullivan
Document Type: Report
Length: 527 words
Lexile Measure: 1330L

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Self-cleaning surfaces find a wide range of applications in coatings with anti-fouling, anti-icing, and antibacterial properties. Conventionally, superhydrophobic coatings arc used to coat surfaces to convert them into self-cleaning surfaces However, these surfaces fail under extreme conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, and high humidity mainly due to separation of the coating from the substrate. However. there has been an increasing need tor sel fcleaning coatings in high temperature or pressure operations in applications such as automotive, aircraft windshields and steam turbine power generators. Hence, research efforts are underway to develop robust water-repellent surfaces for varied temperatures and pressure conditions.

In this regard, Antonio Checco, a physicist from condensed matter physics and materials science department, Brookhaven National Laboratory (New York), and his team have developed robust water repellent surfaces using...

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