Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here--Live At The Shrine

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Author: Vincent Pelote
Date: Spring 2009
From: ARSC Journal(Vol. 40, Issue 1)
Publisher: Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Document Type: Sound recording review
Length: 984 words
Lexile Measure: 1350L

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Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here--Live At The Shrine. Zenph Re-Performance. Sony Classical 88697-22218-2.

What is a Zenph, Re-performance,? Here's how it's explained on the back jewel case insert of the CD:

Zenph Studios takes audio recordings and turns them back into live performances, precisely replicating what was originally recorded. The Zenph software-based process extracts every musical nuance of a recorded performance, and stores the data in a high-resolution digital file. These re-performance files contain every detail of how every note in the composition was played, including pedal action, volume, and articulation--all with micro-second timing. The re-performance files are played back on a real acoustic piano fitted with sophisticated computers and hardware, letting the listener "sit in the room" as if he or she were there when the original recording was made. The re-performance is then recorded afresh, using the latest microphones and recording techniques, to modernize monophonic or poor-quality recordings of great performances.

For their first jazz project using the Zenph process, they chose pianist Art Tatum's Piano Starts Here which consists of four tracks recorded on 21 March 1933 (his first commercially issued studio solo outing) and a Gene Norman "Just Jazz" concert from May 1949 in Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium. The performances are presented in two different versions. One is a "Stereo Surround" version and the other is a "Binaural Stereo Version" subtitled "The Ultimate Headphone Experience."

This process has already been applied to a classical disc of Bach's Goldberg Variations by pianist Glenn...

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