Ambient seismic field recorded by accelerometers for extracting impulse response functions in the Korean Peninsula.

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Date: Apr. 2021
From: Geosciences Journal(Vol. 25, Issue 2)
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Report; Brief article
Length: 238 words

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Keywords: ambient seismic field; accelerometer; cross-correlation; impulse response functions Abstract Ambient seismic field has been used intensively to constrain the Earth's structure since the early 2000s by extracting impulse response functions (IRFs) between two stations. However, mostly IRF phase information was extracted and used rather than the amplitude. Recently, it was expanded to obtain amplitude information as well as phase, particularly by applying the deconvolution method to the ambient seismic field recorded by broadband seismometers. We investigated the potential of ambient seismic field recorded by accelerometers to extract IRFs, including both phase and amplitude information. We analyzed eight stations widely spaced in South Korea, which also contain co-located accelerometer and broadband velocity seismometer, and demonstrate that the ambient seismic field recorded by accelerometers can be successfully used to extract regional surface waves within the period of 2--10 s. We also investigated the period dependent characteristics of extracted IRFs and found the dominant period band of the secondary microseism recorded in the Korean Peninsula. We expect that the ambient seismic field data recorded by accelerometers can provide much denser IRFs on the Korean Peninsula. Author Affiliation: (1) Earthquake Research Center, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, 124 Gwahak-ro, Yuseong-gu, 34132, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (c) Article History: Registration Date: 06/18/2020 Received Date: 07/21/2019 Accepted Date: 04/14/2020 Online Date: 06/18/2020 Byline: Eunjin Park (1), Sangmin Kwak (1), Seok Goo Song (corresponding author) (1, c), Yun Jeong Seong (1)

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