Listening for Henry Crowder: A Monograph on His Almost Lost Music with the Poems & Music of Henry-Music

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Author: Vincent Pelote
Date: Fall 2009
From: ARSC Journal(Vol. 40, Issue 2)
Publisher: Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Document Type: Book review
Length: 690 words
Lexile Measure: 1220L

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Listening For Henry Crowder: A Monograph On His Almost Lost Music with the Poems & Music of Henry-Music. By Anthony Barnett. UK: Allardyce Book, 2007. 128pp (paperback). Illustrations, Bibliography, Discography, Index. ISBN 978-0-90795436-1. $66 surface mail, $72 airmail. (Available through North Country, Cadence Building, Redwood, NY 13679-3194)

Henry Crowder (1890-1955) is not exactly a household name to most jazz aficionados, but Anthony Barnett and Allardyce Book saw fit to publish this monograph devoted to him. This biography of Georgia-born Crowder details his activities as a pianist and orchestra leader in Washington, DC in the 1910s, where he no doubt was in competition with two other local musicians, Russell Wooding and Duke Ellington. Crowder served in World War I then moved to Chicago where he met Jelly Roll Morton, eventually touring with him. He joined violinist Eddie South's Alabamians in the late 1920s, and traveled with the group to Europe. While in Venice, Crowder met Nancy Cunard, daughter of the steamship magnate. Even though the pianist was married (and had a son), he...

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