A queer politics of the democratic miscount

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Date: Oct. 2009
From: Borderlands(Vol. 8, Issue 2)
Publisher: Borderlands
Document Type: Viewpoint essay
Length: 10,237 words
Lexile Measure: 1410L

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This paper uses Jacques Ranciere's thinking of politics--particularly his distinction between la police and la politique--in order to insist upon the difference between lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identity politics, on the one hand, and a queer politics of relationality, on the other. I argue that Ranciere's conception of the democratic 'miscount' can be understood as a queering of democracy precisely because Ranciere's refusal to reduce le compte des incomptes to the marginalized or excluded produces a queer politics. The essay opens with a reading of the well-known Queer Nation chant, links this to Ranciere's understanding of the wrong, and then combines both with a discussion of the parallels between Judith Butler's understanding of unintelligibility and Ranciere's conception of the democratic miscount. I therefore conclude that Ranciere's democratic miscount is a queer form of counting and a queer form of politics.

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