Clinical efficacy and safety of two concentrations of intravenous nicardipine hydrochloride for nicardipine-related phlebitis in patients with preeclampsia.

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Date: Apr. 2022
Publisher: NRC Research Press
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To evaluate the effect of two concentrations of intravenous administration of nicardipine hydrochloride on nicardipine-related phlebitis in patients with preeclampsia. A total of 100 preeclampsia patients were administered with nicardipine hydrochloride and divided into the low-concentration (LC) and high-concentration (HC) groups. The incidence and severity of phlebitis, time from treatment to onset of phlebitis, skin temperature, visual analogue scale (VAS) score, induration, and systemic adverse reactions were compared between two groups. The incidence rate of phlebitis in the LC group was 20% (10/50), significantly lower than 42% (21/50) in the HC group (P Key words: nicardipine hydrochloride, peripheral vein, constant dose, concentration, phlebitis. Cette etude portait sur l'effet de deux concentrations de chlorhydrate de nicardipine administre par voie intraveineuse sur la phlebite liee a la nicardipine chez les patientes presentant une preeclampsie. Nous avons administre du chlorhydrate de nicardipine chez 100 patientes presentant une preeclampsie et reparties dans des groupes selon des concentrations basses (CB) ou elevees (CH). Nous avons compare la frequence et la gravite de la phlebite, le temps ecoule entre l'administration du medicament et le debut de la phlebite, la temperature cutanee, le pointage a l'echelle visuelle analogue (EVA), l'induration et les effets indesirables generaux entre les deux groupes. La frequence de la phlebite etait nettement moins elevee dans le groupe CB (20,00 % [10/50]) que dans le groupe CH (42,00 % [21/50]; p Mots-cles : chlorhydrate de nicardipine, veine peripherique, dose constante, concentration, phlebite.

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