Durable antimicrobial coatings developed using silver and copper Colloiods

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Date: Nov. 2013
From: Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology(Vol. 26, Issue 11)
Publisher: Frost & Sullivan
Document Type: Report
Length: 462 words
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Despite considerable research and development efforts, there is still a concern about hygienic conditions and sterile procedures in hospitals, kitchens, and sanitary facilities, as well as in food preparation, processing and packaging industries. In these areas, microbial contamination and infections still pose a threat. Rapid and uncontrolled fast thriving microorganisms can lead to infection or disease such as urinary tract, wound, blood, bone or skin infections to humans and animals alike. Therefore, there is a strong obligation in finding mitigation techniques to reduce the hygienic and health risk by providing the surfaces of these materials with features that are unfavourable for microbial growth.

In this regard, researchers at the Leibniz-Institut fur Neue Material ien (MINI)...

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