Perspectives on Video Games as Art

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Date: Dec. 2017
Publisher: Purdue University Press
Document Type: Essay
Length: 6,710 words
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In their article "Perspectives on Video Games as Art" Jeroen Bourgonjon, Geert Vndermeersche, and Kris Rutten engage in discussing whether or not video games can be considered a form of art. Although this question has already been discussed elaborately, the debate is guided by many different and often conflicting positions. The aim of this article is to revisit this debate by mapping out a range of perspectives on video games as art. The authors explore the relation between games and different definitions and functions of art, different motives of artists, and the potential impact of the arts. The authors postulate that the discussion about the art status of video games is neither singular nor straightforward, and that the artistic possibilities of video games should instead be assessed by confronting a number of interrelated perspectives.

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