Novel high-performance engineered coatings

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Date: Nov. 2013
From: Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology(Vol. 26, Issue 11)
Publisher: Frost & Sullivan
Document Type: Report
Length: 545 words
Lexile Measure: 1110L

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Flexible vinyl is generally composed of nylon fabric. which is encapsulated in a heavy vinyl film. It enables colorful, cost-effective banners, boards, and soft signage. Vinyl resin is very hard and brittle, and it is necessary to incorporate plasticizers to make it flexible. The type and quantity of the plasticizer used will determine the extent of flexibility of the film. Various stabilizers are also necessary to produce a quality product. Flexible vinyl with a barrier coat prevents the plasticizers from migrating out of the film and causing the film to become brittle with age. There are many such barrier coatings in the market, but most of them are organic solvent-based coatings and they are very expensive. There is a need for the development of low-cost barrier coats for flexible vinyl that are eco-friendly. Water-based coatings are...

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