Benson: The Autobiography

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Author: Vincent Pelote
Date: Fall 2015
From: ARSC Journal(Vol. 46, Issue 2)
Publisher: Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Document Type: Book review
Length: 656 words
Lexile Measure: 1440L

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Benson: The Autobiography. By George Benson with Alan Goldsher. Philadelphia: Da Capo Press, 2014. 222pp, numerous b & w photographs, index, ISBN 978-0-306-82229-2, $25.99

Benson: The Autobiography is a light-hearted, anecdote-filled autobiography of the talented guitarist and vocalist, starting with his birth and upbringing in a poor neighborhood in Pittsburgh and ending with a discussion of his 2013 tribute album to the great Nat King Cole. Chock full of stories detailing Benson's early years as a youth who often got into trouble for fighting, he was also a precocious and talented singer who played guitar (replacing the ukulele). In fact, Benson goes out of his way to make it quite clear that singing was always something he did almost as a way to silence those critics who only want to see him as a guitarist. He eventually joined a doo wop group called the Altiers, and formed his own group called Little George Benson and the Bank Robbers after the bass player in the...

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