Relation between circular and linear depolarization ratios under multiple-scattering conditions

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Authors: Gilles Roy and Nathalie Roy
Date: Dec. 10, 2008
From: Applied Optics(Vol. 47, Issue 35)
Publisher: Optical Society of America
Document Type: Author abstract; Report
Length: 134 words

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A simple relationship is established between the linear and the circular depolarization ratios averaged over the azimuth angle of clouds made of spherical particles. The relationship is validated theoretically using double-scattering calculations; in the framework, the measurements are performed with a multiple-field-of-view lidar (MFOV) lidar. The relationship is also validated using data obtained with MFOV lidar equipped with linear and circular polarization measurement capabilities. The experimental data support theoretical results for small optical depths. At higher optical depths and large fields of view, the contribution of multiple scatterings is important; experimental data suggest that the relationship established between the linear and circular depolarization stays valid as long as the main depolarization mechanism comes from one scattering (most likely a backscattering a few degrees away from 180[degrees]). OCIS codes: 010.3640, 280.1350, 290.4020, 290.4210, 290.5820, 290.5855.

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