Sassy: The Life of Sarah Vaughan

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Author: Vincent Pelote
Date: Sept. 1994
From: Notes(Vol. 51, Issue 1)
Publisher: Music Library Association, Inc.
Document Type: Book review
Length: 592 words

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Sarah Vaughan possessed one of the most remarkable voices in jazz--a voice of great beauty, suppleness, flexibility, and power. She had a full two-octave range, perfect pitch, and an improvisatory ability the equal of any instrumentalist. She could easily have been a diva in the world of opera, but early in life Vaughan was drawn to jazz and so lent her talents to it for over forty years.

Sassy: The Life of Sarah Vaughan by Leslie Gourse is the first full-length study of this important jazz artist. Unfortunately, it is a lightweight treatment of a true musical heavyweight. Gourse presents the dry facts about Vaughan's private and public lives, including her three failed marriages and her combined romantic and business relationships with two other men in her life. These accounts are interspersed with quotes from people who knew or worked with Vaughan. While the presentation and the writing...

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