Nano imprinting lithography for fabrication of metamaterials

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Date: Nov. 2013
From: Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology(Vol. 26, Issue 11)
Publisher: Frost & Sullivan
Document Type: Report
Length: 527 words
Lexile Measure: 1220L

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Metamaterias are artificially created material structures that possess electromagnetic properties, such as negative refractive index and light bending properties, that are not seen in natural constituent materials. These properties help in the use of metamaterials for varied applications: these include super-resolution imaging, confine light in nano-scale, tune optical response, and enhance light absorption, and so on. One of the main challenges that hinder the commercial adoption of these materials is the lack of manufacturing processes at a commercial scale. Also, the developed metamaterials usually interact with light in a narrow range of wavelength: typically a wavelength that is invisible to the human eye. These challenges have led to an increased research focus on development of cost-effective technologies that would help in scaling metamaterials for commercial adoption.

In this regard, a research...

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