Introduction to the Special Issue: Overcoming Women's Subordination: Socialisation, Law and Structural Inequalities. The 6th World Conference on Women's Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 29-31 May 2020.

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Date: Apr. 2021
Publisher: Bridgewater State College
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April 2021

The 6th World Conference on Women's Studies (WCWS) took place online for the first time in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way we, a global community, gather. The pandemic has also highlighted many issues gendered in nature, some of the effects of which will be lasting, while others call attention to persistent problems in need of intervention: domestic abuse and violence sharply increased during lockdown and, in parallel, there are copious accounts of women bearing the weight of increased domestic duties, with a contagion impact on their career progression. Considering gender in the labour force, women make up 70% of health and social workforce workers, yet only 30% of leaders in the global health sector are women. Discussions of structural inequality have been brought to the forefront as a result of the pandemic and the broad spectrum of issues women face shows no sign of narrowing.

The Women's Studies conference focused on women's ongoing marginalisation and subordination, the articles within this journal very much reflect that the conference was attentive to the need for change. The range of genres, topics, and author profiles is indicative of the inclusive and international community JIWS cultivates. The geographical spread emphasises the global and cohesive need to address both marginalisation and subordination, in their numerous forms. Whilst some articles argue for measures which generate greater inclusivity in arenas where women seek to take on more active roles, demonstrating a liberal feminist approach, we also see authors advocate for a transformation and overhaul of systems, a more radical approach.

The articles in this journal edition are broad in scope and richly diverse, each making a contribution to global feminism. A number of articles reflect on women's history...

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