Evidence of an untamed HIV epidemic among MSM and TGW in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a 2018 to 2020 cross-sectional study using recent infection testing.

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Introduction: Monitoring the HIV epidemic and identifying populations among whom HIV is spreading is critical. We aimed to provide an estimate of the annualized HIV incidence rate using recency testing among cisgender men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) at a reference centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Methods: We evaluated MSM and TGW who sought HIV testing at the Evandro Chagas NationalInstitute of Infectious Diseases-FIOCRUZ between March 2018 and January 2020. The Limiting Avidity assay (LAg) as part of a recent infection testing algorithm (RITA) was employed to identify recent infections (those with a normalized opticaldensity [less than or equal to]1.5 in the LAg that met all RITA criteria) among those who tested positive for HIV and the annualized HIV incidence was estimated. Results and discussion: Out of 3053 individuals assessed, 2591 (84.9%) were HIV negative and 462 (15.1%) were living with HIV. Among these, 302 (65.4%) with stored samples available were evaluated and 73/302 (24.2%) were classified as recent infections. The annualized incidence rate estimate using a false recency rate of zero was 7.35% (95% CI 5.76% to 9.25%). Conclusions: Our results suggest that the HIV epidemic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, continues to disproportionately burden vulnerable populations, including MSM and TGW despite the existence and availability of effective preventive and therapeutic interventions. Keywords: HIV; MSM; trans women; recency; diagnosis; incidence

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