Direct Analysis of Biofluids by Mass Spectrometry with Microfluidic Voltage-Assisted Liquid Desorption Electrospray Ionization

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Date: Nov. 21, 2017
From: Analytical Chemistry(Vol. 89, Issue 22)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Report
Length: 66 words

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The article reports the development of a microfluidic voltage-assisted liquid desorption electrospray ionization (VAL-DESI) source to overcome the limitation. Direct analysis of urine, serum, and cell lysate samples by using the proposed microfluidic VAL-DESI-MS/MS method to detect chemical compounds of biomedical interest, including nucleosides, monoamines, amino acids, and peptides is demonstrated.The results suggest that the VAL-DESI-MS/MS technique has a good potential in direct analysis of biofluids.

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