Royal Succession, Abdication, and Regency in the Realms

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Author: Anne Twomey
Date: Apr. 2017
From: Review of Constitutional Studies(Vol. 22, Issue 1)
Publisher: Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta
Document Type: Article
Length: 10,031 words
Lexile Measure: 1890L

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When there was one indivisible Imperial Crown, the law concerning royal succession, abdication, and regency remained uniform throughout the Empire and was controlled by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. When that Crown became divisible, problems arose as to whether existing British laws concerning the Crown had been incorporated into the law of each self governing Dominion and how such laws could be amended in the future with respect to each separate Crown. The independence of the Realms and the termination of the power of the Westminster Parliament to legislate for the Realms has exacerbated the uncertainty as to how such laws apply and may be amended. This article addresses the application of the law concerning royal succession, abdication, and regency in the Realms of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, focusing in particular on the recent changes to the rules of succession to the throne and the litigation that it prompted in Canada. It also considers what action would need to be taken if a regency was required to accommodate an incapacitated monarch. Lorsqu'il y avait une Couronne imperiale indivisible, la loi concernant la succession royale, l'abdication et la regence demeura identique partout dans l'Empire et elle fut controlee par le Parlement du Royaume-Uni. Lorsque cette Couronne devint divisible, des problemes se poserent a savoir si les lois britanniques existantes se rapportant a la Couronne avaient ete integrees dans le droit de chaque dominion autonome et comment de telles lois, dans le cas de chaque Couronne distincte, pourraient etre modifiees a l'avenir. L'independance des royaumes et la fin de la competence legislative du Parlement de Westminster quant aux royaumes aggrava l'incertitude a savoir comment de telles lois s'appliquent et peuvent etre modifiees. Dans cet article, l'auteure aborde l'application de la loi concernant la succession royale, l'abdication et la regence dans les royaumes du Canada, de l'Australie et de la Nouvelle-Zelande, en accordant notamment la priorite aux modifications recentes aux regies de succession au trone et aux litiges qu'elles provoquerent au Canada. L'auteure examine egalement les mesures qui seraient necessaires dans le cas ou une regence fut requise afin d'accommoder un monarque incapable.

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