Scott Kurnit: recasting the Net

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Date: September-October 1995
From: Journal of Business Strategy(Vol. 16, Issue 5)
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,604 words

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Scott Kurnit has been chosen as the president and CEO of the still unnamed joint venture between MCI Communications Corp. and News Corp.'s Delphi Internet Services Corp. He used to serve as the executive vice-president for consumer products, marketing and development at Prodigy Services Corp. In addition to this, Kurnit also performed services at MCI as president of its Information Services Entertainment Co. Kurnit says the strategy for the new joint venture is to keep it highly integrated within its parent companies instead of isolating it and providing funds for it. Kurnit is confident that this will become the most virtual company in business. The five sources of revenue for the venture are advertising, subscriptions, merchandising, production sales and Internet access/Internet dial tone.

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