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Date: Apr. 2013
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Protein Lounge. Protein Lounge, 11175 Flintkote Avenue, San Diego, CA 92121; 858.705.5968; info@pro; http://www.protein $5,000; individual subscription: $399 per year; other pricing options available.

Protein Lounge is a web-based resource designed to assist students, scientists, and researchers with the concepts of systems biology. The information provided in Protein Lounge focuses on clarifying the complex nature of biological pathways. Biological pathways consist of molecular actions that result in a cellular change: "There are many types of biological pathways. Some of the most common are involved in metabolism, the regulation of genes and the transmission of signals" [1].

Protein Lounge comprises multiple components that allow users to fully explore the area of biological pathways. The resource includes nine main databases: pathway, small interfering RNA (siRNA), peptide antigen, protein interaction, kinasephosphatase, transcription factors, G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), biochemical compound, and protein.

A major element of Protein Lounge is the pathway database, which contains 465 signal transduction and metabolic pathways. They are organized by signaling pathways and metabolic pathways. Users can also...

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