A Hybrid Approach for Cardiac Blood Flow Vortex Ring Identification Based on Optical Flow and Lagrangian Averaged Vorticity Deviation.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Ke Yang, Shiqian Wu, Oluwarotimi W. Samuel, Hui Zhang, Dhanjoo N. Ghista, Di Yang, Kelvin K. L. Wong

<bold>Objective:</bold> The measurement of cardiac blood flow vortex characteristics can help to facilitate the analysis of blood flow dynamics that regulates heart function. However, the complexity of cardiac flow along with other physical limitations makes it difficult to adequately identify the dominant vortices in a heart chamber, which play a significant role in regulating the heart function. Although the existing vortex quantification methods can achieve this goal, there are still some shortcomings: such as low precision, and ignoring the center of...

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