Experiences of children (ages 6-12) during COVID-19 pandemic from mothers' perspectives.

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Keywords: children; COVID-19 pandemic; psychosocial problems Abstract Purpose This study evaluated the experiences of children between ages 6 and 12 based on their mothers' perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Methods Ten mothers living in Ankara, Turkey with children in the aforementioned age range, participated in this study. Data were collected through focus group interview with a qualitative phenomenological approach followed by thematic data analysis. Findings Three categories were obtained relating to the pandemic, including negative effects, positive effects, and the resultant needs and expectations of parents. Conclusion The findings show that the pandemic has significantly affected children in psychological, social, developmental, and academic realms. Therefore, it is necessary to plan interventions with a multidisciplinary approach to increase children's physical and psychosocial health, minimizing children's level of negative influences. Byline: Rabiye Akın IÅık, Nebahat Bora GüneÅ, Yunus Kaya

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